Do Animals Possess Sweet Tooth Receptors?

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Does your dog Scruffy stare longingly at your half-eaten strawberry ice cream cone as you lick it? Does he scarf up cookie crumbs better than any vacuum cleaner? If so, your pet is one of many animals that like sweet things.

Some animals would even love a sip of your aspartame-sweetened diet soda, while others couldn’t even taste the sweetness in the frosting on a slice of birthday cake.

Recently, scientists at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia discovered an animal that likes almost all the same kinds of sweets that humans do. And you might be surprised to find out who our sweet twin is.

Cat vs. Dog

If you don’t feel like sharing your dessert, try spending time with a cat. Hannah Melio, 10, would love to share cookies with her cat Mimi, but when she breaks off a piece, Mimi “won’t even look at it.” Many pet owners have noticed that their cats don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and now scientists understand why.

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